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Merdita Heald has been offering her real estate experience to home buyers and sellers in the Sauk Valley area for almost ten years. Creating the easiest and smoothest transaction is one of the most important aspects of her career. Informing buyers and sellers of the latest market trends, stats and any additional information that is available is an important part of the day to day tasks in this industry. Being a mother of three and helping run a family owned business has helped her with her real estate career over the years. Being a part of a growing community and a supporter of many different events in the Sauk Valley area has helped her to reach out and connect with clients and learn to work with each of their specific real estate needs. Understanding and communicating with customers and clients of their individual real estate needs and wants is a very important part of a great professional relationship. At Xtreme Realty, Merdita, will strive for an excellent outcome and a great real estate experience for you!

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